Payment Processing

Keeping your money safe. We offer secure and efficient payment processing.

At TIIFS, we keep a close eye on your money. Our international payment processing capability is, of course, PCI Level 1 compliant. Our systems are designed for accurate and rapid transaction processing so that you receive your revenue as fast as possible.

We enjoy close relationships with various banks, clearing houses and specialised payment service providers, which allows you to benefit from our experience and network. Our systems are fully set up to support all the major payment players such as BACS, BACSTEL, AUDDIS and SEPA Direct Debit.

We operate a robust multi-country, multi-currency, multi-payment method system that will continue to support you as you extend your services and product offerings into new territories and new international markets.

We handle virtually every major payment method, including cheques, credit cards, giro payments, direct debit payments, bank transfers, and many more. Specifically for cheques, we have high-speed scanning equipment with processes for encoding, endorsing and cheque listing. What’s more, we deal with an exceptionally wide range of currencies, with currency exchange handled automatically according to your needs. In the end, no matter how your customer pays, you benefit from reductions in costs across the entire banking process.

To learn more about PCI standards and what they mean, CLICK HERE