Magazine Distribution

Our knowledge, our expertise and our extensive network enable you to reach customers across the world.

We’re far-ranging, experienced and dedicated. The TIIFS International Magazines Distribution System is a unique custom-created distribution system that’s time-tested. It has been serving our clients’ requirements seamlessly for many years, supporting them in international markets all across the EMEA, Asia and South Pacific regions.

Our system is designed to deal with multiple levels of sortation within countries, levels which can easily be adapted depending on the requirements of any given issue. Special handling for bulk copies, for instance, or for sponsored sales is not a problem.

We can also handle the occasional instance when an address file needs a one-time change in sorting, or when you choose to use a different printing plant for a special issue. Grouping parameters can either be shared or separated into sorting criteria such as printing plants, book numbers or postal sortation.

In addition, our system supports all address output formats and can even create mail files combining both English and local language formats, a particular advantage for clients working in the Asian markets.