Digital Solutions

Digital content delivery systems are constantly evolving, and here at TIIFS we’re evolving right along with them.

Change happens all the time in media, and it happens fast. Today, magazines are reinventing themselves as viable options for people who access news and entertainment via digital technology platforms such as the Internet, e-readers, tablets, and smartphones.

We’ve seen the future, and we’re ready for it. With our online and other digital subscription solutions, we can offer our clients a competitive edge. We’re already actively partnering in digital environments with a number of publishers, testing a variety of business models. The advantages that we can offer via these new technologies include:

• Real-time digital subscriptions and the ability to upgrade existing subscriptions

• A variety of subscriptions including print only, digital only or print and digital bundles

• Support for digital content for other digital providers

• A real-time entitlement gateway to determine a customer’s eligibility to view or download

• Complete marketing flexibility – all of the existing print marketing capabilities, customer service transactions and access channels are available to digital content

• Integration with financial reports so clients can more easily identify the revenue associated with digital customers

• World-class customer care