Campaign Management

Your success means our success. Make TIIFS your marketing partner and the rest will take care of itself.

Let us share what we know – our extensive experience in campaign management ranges from global direct marketing campaigns to smaller endeavours and even to audience-specific marketing activities.

Decades of successful work with premium clients have made TIIFS a market leader in handling campaigns, and your ideal sparring partner. We will gladly and proactively offer our advice and our feedback on your marketing initiatives.

Our people in the campaign management team are used to operating in close partnership with our clients’ marketing teams. We can offer a wealth of knowledge around processing requirements for marketing campaigns across the full spectrum of direct mail, renewal, agency, Internet and digital sources.

Our campaign management team is not only technically experienced but also business savvy – their knowledge of the complexities of magazine subscription management is second to none.

We’re very experienced in the industry, which means we’re able to support clients from the conceptual stage of a promotion campaign all the way through to ensuring that physical orders are fulfilled according to both the marketing strategy and the customer’s expectations. What’s more, our operational and customer service teams will always have the necessary tools to process orders and respond to customer enquiries quickly and completely.