Welcome to Time Inc. International Fulfilment Services (TIIFS)

A quick introduction – we’re an international subscription management company with an exceptionally wide range of global services on offer. A division of Time Inc., we were founded more than fifty years ago to meet the international subscription needs of a premium client base that now stretches to customers in more than 150 countries. Today, we operate out of five international offices on three different continents. So, whether you’re international or local, an established market megastar or a brand new business, we can certainly help you.

Payment Solutions

  • It’s all about flexibility: we offer multiple payment options across a wide range of global currencies. This means more choice for you and your customers, which leads to enhanced payment percentages for you. We process payments in all forms, from cheques or credit/debit cards to direct debit set-ups. We’ll also work with other local payment methods wherever these are in use.

International Distribution

  • Our distribution system can support your international market needs across EMEA, Asia and the South Pacific regions. Multiple levels of sortation are no problem; neither are special handling situations, such as bulk copies or sponsored sales. We can handle all address output formats, including local language options for the Asian market.

Marketing Solutions

  • We’ll partner with you and help you translate those marketing strategies into attractive and effective acquisition and retention campaigns. After all, our decades of industry experience working with premium clients have given us market-leading knowledge and the networks you need. From global campaigns to smaller projects or audience-specific efforts, see how we can turn our success into your success.

Customer Support

  • Customer satisfaction creates customer loyalty; at TIIFS, our Customer Service team understands this, and makes positive end-user experiences their primary goal. Whether it’s on the phone, via e-mail or physical mail, or through newly emerging contact methods such as social media, we always treat your customers as if they were our own, because that’s how we see them.

Digital Solutions

  • It’s a digital world – how all of us access content is evolving and at TIIFS, we’re evolving right along with it. So whether your customers are engaging with content via their phones, tablets or desktops, our patented entitlement and authentication processes are in place to support them across all of these devices. This boosts their user experience, and brings you higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

À-la-Carte Solutions

  • One size doesn’t fit all, and we know it. At TIIFS, our extensive industry experience has taught us how to support customers of all sizes. What’s more, we can offer individual services on a stand-alone basis, and we’ll tailor these services to your requirements. We pride ourselves on this kind of flexibility, so please don’t hesitate to ask for something special. After all, if we didn’t like challenges, we wouldn’t be in this business.